Stephen Jones

Gone Fishing in Mercer, PA

Amazing Sources:

& this one uses the genius of AI

I am an old dude now, a 6 yr. Army Veteran with the Medical Corps, a very long retired research biochemist, long retired home builder and inspector, and blessed to have experienced many great, good, and rotten bytes of life and by life too.

Now, with time on my hands I want to give back as much as I'm able; love to help "mentor" friends, as well as learn from friends. I currently live in PA with a dog and a dear wife of almost 40 years.

My interests range from fishing, Core yoga, spirituality, meditation, music (Spotify rocks!) ...

… and occasionally stick my nose into:

... as well as optimal nutrition, chemistry, modern pharmacology, genetics, human physiology, and a few more...

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Peace be with you and yours.

  • Education
    • San Diego State University
    • Cincinnati State Technical and Community College
    • Lehigh University
Retired from LinkedIn years ago ...
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