Stephen Jones

Mentor in Mercer, PA

I am an Army Veteran from the Medical Corps, a long retired research biochemist, long retired licensed financial counselor, long retired home builder, and experienced, grateful carpenter.

Now, with time on my hands I want to give back as much as I'm able; love to help mentor friends, as well as learn from friends. I currently live in Mercer, PA. with 2 dogs and one cranky wife of almost 40 years.

My interests range from fishing, (core) yoga, spirituality, meditation, music (Spotify rocks!) ...

… and more:

I am also interested in optimal nutrition, biochemistry, modern pharmacology, genetics, and more.

You can click the button above to ask me something, or use the contact form below - either with no obligation and absolute privacy.

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  • Education
    • San Diego State University
    • Cincinnati State Technical and Community College
    • Lehigh University
Retired from LinkedIn years ago ...
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